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PHONE : (603) 732-0099


Served daily from 11:30am - 3:00pm (except holidays)

Only one substitution: $1.00 additional On Appetizer Only 

No. L1 thru L8 : 

Served with Chicken Chow Mien or

Subgum Chow Mien and Pork Fried Rice

L1 Egg Roll

L2 Egg Foo Yong 

L3 Chicken Wings
L4 Pork Strips

L5 Barbecued Boneless Ribs
L6 Chicken Fingers

​L7 Jumbo Fried Shrimp

L8 Beef Teriyaki

No. L9 thru L12 : 

Served with pork fried rice or white rice

L9     Egg Roll and Sweet Sour Chicken

L10a Chicken Fingers & Boneless Ribs

L10b Chicken Fingers & Crab Rangoon
L11   Chicken Fingers & Pork Strips 
L12a Chicken Wings, Boneless Ribs & Beef Teriyaki

L12b Chicken Fingers, Boneless Ribs & Beef Teriyaki

Before placing your order, please inform us if you have a food allergy

Red Color : Hot & Spicy

No. L13 thru L18 :

Served with chicken wings, pork fried rice or white rice


L13a  Chicken and Broccoli

L13b  Beef and Broccoli

L14a  Szechuan Chicken

L14b  Szechuan Beef 
L15a  Moo Goo Gai Pan

L15b Hunan Chicken
L16a General Gau's Chicken

L16b Sesame Chicken

L17a Curry Chicken 

L17b Curry Beef

L18a Shrimp with Lobster Sauce

L18b Szechuan Shrimp


Served with Green Salad or Miso Soup

Lunch Special A

3 pcs of sushi and 8 pcs of California roll OR spicy tuna roll

Lunch Special B

3 pcs of sushi and 3 pcs of sashimi

Lunch Special C 

2 choices of any classical rolls/maki

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