Jade Dragon Restaurant has job opening for Marketing and Advertisement Specialist position in
Merrimack, NH work site. Duties include: (Under direction of Marketing and Sales Manager),
continuously research market conditions in order to develop marketing campaigns to more
effectively market and advertise our company’s existing and newly-introduced Chinese and other
Asian food products (lunches/dinners, beverages, desserts, etc.) and services (restaurants, retail
sale, catering, event-hosting, etc.) to clientele; Develop print advertisements and other marketing
products and activities (signs, brochures, flyers, photographs) to produce more targeted and
effective advertising; Develop electronic/digital advertisements and other marketing products
and activities (social media marketing, mobile phone apps, 3rd party websites) to produce more
targeted and effective advertising; Periodically improve company’s menu designs, layouts, and
dissemination; Design trademark logo for company; Analyze, survey, and gather data on
customer preferences, needs, demographics, and changes in demand over time to identify
potential markets and factors affecting customer demand; Preparation and writing of marketing
analysis reports to management team.

Minimum requirements and credentials include:
1) Strong proficiency in written and visual marketing and advertising products and activities;
2) Strong proficiency in creating and interpreting reviews of products;
3) Strong knowledge of advertising and marketing computer technologies, including word processing and digital photo editing;
4) Two (2) years experience as Marketing and Advertisement Specialist, or two (2) years
experience in related position providing proficiencies in items 1 to 3 above. Employer
considers any suitable combination of experience in the job offered and the alternate
experience substantially equivalent to descriptions included in items 1 to 3 above.

Salary is $40,394.00 per year. 40 hour work week (Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM). Equal Employment
Opportunity Employer. Interested and qualified individuals should send 2 copies of resume to:
Evergreen Hospitality, LLC dba Jade Dragon Restaurant; Attention: Manager; 515 Daniel
Webster Highway, Merrimack, NH 03054.

This notice is being provided as a result of the filing of an application for permanent alien labor
certification for the above-described job opportunity. Any person may provide documentary
evidence bearing on this application to the Certifying Officer of the Department of Labor (DOL).
The address of the DOL/Certifying Officer is U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and
Training Administration, Office of Foreign Labor Certification, Atlanta National Processing
Center, Harris Tower, 233 Peachtree Street, Suite 410, Atlanta, Georgia 30303.